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At Abode we always strive to be ahead of the curve when it comes to bespoke glazing. Currently a huge trend in glazing just now; the ‘Crittall Look’ is categorized by smaller panes of glass with interlocking aluminium astragal bars. We can offer this style on French Doors, single doors and Bi-Folds. The slim astragal bars still allow great views and light to flood in and you can choose how many bars you have and the width, so it really is very bespoke to you.

These alternative to steel doors are ideal for renovating listed buildings or for larger-scale projects. However, they also work nicely for a home environment too. Their style reflects a traditional aesthetic which can be effortlessly applied to contemporary structure too. Their design allows natural light to flood in brightening any space with ease.

Crittall style interior doors can also help your rooms to feel much bigger. By separating two spaces with vast areas of double glazing, it begins to feel as if there is less of a partition. This means that the areas can seamlessly blend into one another with ease. They are also constructed out of premium grade aluminium so you can be sure that they will last for an incredibly long time without being too heavy to operate.

Available in Single, French, Bi-fold or as a stylish room dividers.

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