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The Abode Residential Front Door is a precision-driven, expertly engineered object of beauty.

Providing the ultimate combination of advanced security, tasteful aesthetics and thermal efficiency

At Abode, we believe in creating the door you want, exactly the way you want it. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow our doors to be tailor-made to your precise specifications.

Front Door

Choose your front door as either a single door or French door. There’s an array of panel options available that are guaranteed to give your home’s entranceway an injection of character.

With over 150 RAL shades to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect colour to reflect your taste – no matter how subtle or outrageous it may be.

There’s also a dual colour option available, allowing you to choose a shade that complements the exterior building style, while opting for an interior tone that blends in or contrasts with your internal colour scheme.

And the choice doesn’t stop there. Many of our RAL colours also offer a choice of matt, satin or gloss finish – giving you plenty of ways to make a great first impression.

Expertly engineered, entirely bespoke and 100% UK-made from the highest quality materials, it’s a perfect combination of attractive aesthetics and uncompromising.

Unsurpassed security…

While we never underestimate the importance of aesthetics, we appreciate that the main function of a door is to provide safety and security. Which is why the AR-60 Front Door has been designed with heightened protection in mind – from ultra-safe locking systems to different barrel choices and a range of additional security features.

The 5-point automatic locking system

Doors with a bar or pull bar handle come with an impressive 5-point automatic locking system with key-only access. So you’re able to simply shut and lock the door without having to lift the handle first.

The 8-point automatic locking system

If you choose one of the German Hafi security lever handles, this will be supplied with our unique 8-point multipoint lock mechanism with an offset spindle function. This features chamfered 20mm linear bolts that provide a smoother operation when engaging the lock. They also give maximum compression for optimum weather resistance. Finally, 25mm security hooks offer the deepest engagement available on the market today. The result is a lock that delivers the best in both security and weatherproofing.t little fingers, all our doors boast finger-safe gaskets.

The benefits of this superior-quality aluminium are vast. For a start, it imbues our doors with an innate strength for optimum security. And unlike timber or uPVC, it’s resilient to the elements too – so the frames won’t warp, flex or corrode. Finally, our aluminium is finished with the highest-grade powder coating available – giving our frames a scratch-resistant surface that’s resistant to contaminants. The result is a low-maintenance product that’s protected from colour fading and engineered for longevity.

AR-60 Facts and Technical Details

  • Maximum panel width of 1100mm
  • Maximum panel height of 2500mm
  • Threshold depth of 30mm
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Single or double door entrance available

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